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Jigs and Misc. Helpers
Hello, and welcome to my dusty little corner!

Please don't take these pages as a braggart's showing off - they aren't intended as such.
They're just here as a means of sharing ideas and things I've done in the shop - some of which have worked long and well, and others which seem to suit the purpose, but could probably benefit from your input and experience. Please consider them in the same spirit of goodwill with which they're posted.

Although I try to make jigs and such that are at least marginally recognizable, my focus is primarily directed toward achieving efficient utility, repeatability, and durability. If'n it ain't purty but it works, then it's likely to show up here. I usually make this stuff on the fly and without drawings - with the result that I wind up now and then with some strange add-ons. As you spot those lapses, you'll be able to improve the concept renderings (assuming that you find anything whatsoever useful amidst these meanderings!)

I'll try to add others as time allows, and will certainly appreciate hearing your comments and better mousetrap ideas!
If I succeed in posting something that's hopelessly unintelligible, fire away and I'll try to fix it so it's only partially unintelligible...

Startup pass 05/31/2005

Renewable Auxiliary Saw Fence 05/31/05 Stanley Plane Typing Megachart 10/26/06
Small Parts Storage 05/31/05 Table Saw Tuneup Rev. 06/25/05
Microadjustable Saw Blade Height 05/31/05 A Couple of Projects 06/03/05
Microadjustable Mortising Jig 05/31/05 "Scary Sharp" Honing Method 10/30/06
Angle Calculator 02/06/07

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